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Predictive Insights

The increasing complexity and sophistication of terrorist nexus and organized crime means that the need for an effective criminal intelligence sharing function has taken on a heightened importance on a public and private sectors level


Threat Evaluation

These weekly reports are offered at very convenient price, and will enhance your perception of actual “glocal” threats, supporting your knowledge of antagonist groups, criminals and terrorists actions and going access to criminal intelligence notes


Actionable Intelligence

The reports will support your constant collection and assessment of information allowing the possible creation of actionable intelligence and renewed mitigation postures of your organisation


Report Format

Each Report is 15 to 20 pages and contains –

  • Map Incident Visualisation
  • Executive Summary
  • General Threats and Stat
  • Intel Notes
  • Worldwide Incidents of Major Importance
  • General Considerations, Insights, and Recommendation
  • Weekly Forecast (brief of events having a possible security impacts)
  • Security Tips

Security practitioners and important private and public Organisations worldwide already receive the reports.


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Ease of Analysis

Complex topics are broken into smaller parts to enable you gain a better understanding

Predictive Insights

Insights into Organised Crime and Terrorism incidents, forecasting possible consequences

Global Coverage

Global overview of incidents prompting important security impacts published every week

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